About - COY Photography

Glyn Coy is a photographer and videographer based in Wiltshire in the United Kingdom. His work reflects his interests, with a specific focus on landscapes, history, Italy and aerial photography using drones to take his cameras into some really interesting and unique places.

His passion for Italy and Italian culture has lead to the creation of an Italian gallery which grows every year, but he also travels throughout the UK looking for new landscapes and historical sites to capture. The addition of drone technology to his equipment list led to the formation of CoyCLOUD, an aerial imaging services company. We are now able to get aerial shots from our locations which has opened up some extraordinary angles from which to capture images.

Most images are for sale under licence, in  digital form. For aerial stock images please contact us if you wish to licence them.

CoyCLOUD is fully insured for commercial operations and has a PFCO from the CAA.

Available for commissions. Please use the Contact option in the menu to get in touch.