About - Hidden Wiltshire

Hidden Wiltshire is a long term project by local photographer, Glyn Coy, to visit and capture some of the lesser known wild areas of Wiltshire in the UK.

There are many famous places in Wiltshire, from Stonehenge to Avebury but this project is about capturing the heart of the county.

Wiltshire is a large, mostly rural county in the South West of England, and while many visitors are attracted to the famous landmarks there is a wider beauty to this wild landscape and in the travel blog at Hidden Wiltshire you will see a variety of vistas which showcase this corner of England.

All images on this site are available for online purchase in a variety of print forms. If you have any questions or commission requests, please use the contact link.

The galleries also contain other examples of Glyn's work which you are welcome to peruse.